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Brazil flag <1.0%Brazil (1186)
China flag <1.0%China (990)
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Indonesia flag <1.0%Indonesia (606)
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Slovak Republic flag <1.0%Slovak Republic (460)
Japan flag <1.0%Japan (386)
Turkey flag <1.0%Turkey (368)
Latvia flag <1.0%Latvia (290)
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Czech Republic flag <1.0%Czech Republic (222)
Ireland flag <1.0%Ireland (205)
Belarus (Byelorussia) flag <1.0%Belarus (Byelorussia) (144)
Lithuania flag <1.0%Lithuania (142)
India flag <1.0%India (121)
Switzerland flag <1.0%Switzerland (121)
Austria flag <1.0%Austria (120)
Thailand flag <1.0%Thailand (118)
Portugal flag <1.0%Portugal (112)
Moldova, Republic of flag <1.0%Moldova, Republic of (111)
Greece flag <1.0%Greece (103)
Australia flag <1.0%Australia (95)
Denmark flag <1.0%Denmark (94)
Luxembourg flag <1.0%Luxembourg (91)
Taiwan flag <1.0%Taiwan (88)
Bulgaria flag <1.0%Bulgaria (87)
Finland flag <1.0%Finland (75)
Saudi Arabia flag <1.0%Saudi Arabia (74)
Vietnam flag <1.0%Vietnam (74)
Belgium flag <1.0%Belgium (70)
Former Soviet Union flag <1.0%Former Soviet Union (70)
Macedonia, Former Yugoslav Republic flag <1.0%Macedonia, Former Yugoslav Republic (70)
Canada flag <1.0%Canada (69)
Mexico flag <1.0%Mexico (69)
Malaysia flag <1.0%Malaysia (68)
South Africa flag <1.0%South Africa (68)
Norway flag <1.0%Norway (67)
Philippines flag <1.0%Philippines (67)
Argentina flag <1.0%Argentina (65)
Singapore flag <1.0%Singapore (62)
Slovenia flag <1.0%Slovenia (62)
Egypt flag <1.0%Egypt (59)
Estonia flag <1.0%Estonia (56)
United Arab Emirates flag <1.0%United Arab Emirates (53)
Iran, Islamic Republic of flag <1.0%Iran, Islamic Republic of (50)
Croatia/Hrvatska flag <1.0%Croatia/Hrvatska (48)
British Indian Ocean Territory flag <1.0%British Indian Ocean Territory (45)
Kazakhstan flag <1.0%Kazakhstan (45)
Colombia flag <1.0%Colombia (43)
Ecuador flag <1.0%Ecuador (36)
Cyprus flag <1.0%Cyprus (35)
Morocco flag <1.0%Morocco (34)
Pakistan flag <1.0%Pakistan (34)
Algeria flag <1.0%Algeria (32)
Hong Kong flag <1.0%Hong Kong (32)
Iceland flag <1.0%Iceland (27)
Montenegro flag <1.0%Montenegro (27)
Albania flag <1.0%Albania (26)
Tunisia flag <1.0%Tunisia (26)
Georgia flag <1.0%Georgia (24)
Lebanon flag <1.0%Lebanon (20)
Nepal flag <1.0%Nepal (19)
Chile flag <1.0%Chile (16)
Madagascar flag <1.0%Madagascar (16)
Tuvalu flag <1.0%Tuvalu (16)
Western Samoa flag <1.0%Western Samoa (14)
Cambodia flag <1.0%Cambodia (13)
Iraq flag <1.0%Iraq (13)
Kuwait flag <1.0%Kuwait (13)
Bangladesh flag <1.0%Bangladesh (12)
Kenya flag <1.0%Kenya (12)
New Zealand flag <1.0%New Zealand (11)
Zimbabwe flag <1.0%Zimbabwe (11)
European Union flag <1.0%European Union (10)
Ghana flag <1.0%Ghana (10)
Korea, Republic of flag <1.0%Korea, Republic of (10)
Nigeria flag <1.0%Nigeria (10)
Palau flag <1.0%Palau (10)
Uruguay flag <1.0%Uruguay (10)
Armenia flag <1.0%Armenia (9)
Belize flag <1.0%Belize (9)
Cocos Islands (Keeling) flag <1.0%Cocos Islands (Keeling) (9)
Jordan flag <1.0%Jordan (9)
Senegal flag <1.0%Senegal (9)
Azerbaijan flag <1.0%Azerbaijan (8)
Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) flag <1.0%Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) (8)
Palestinian Territories flag <1.0%Palestinian Territories (8)
Qatar flag <1.0%Qatar (8)
Syrian Arab Republic flag <1.0%Syrian Arab Republic (8)
Gibraltar flag <1.0%Gibraltar (7)
Angola flag <1.0%Angola (6)
Bosnia Hercegovina flag <1.0%Bosnia Hercegovina (6)
Malta flag <1.0%Malta (6)
Tonga flag <1.0%Tonga (6)
Bolivia flag <1.0%Bolivia (5)
Liechtenstein flag <1.0%Liechtenstein (5)
Uzbekistan flag <1.0%Uzbekistan (5)
Costa Rica flag <1.0%Costa Rica (4)
Dominican Republic flag <1.0%Dominican Republic (4)
Mauritius flag <1.0%Mauritius (4)
Mozambique flag <1.0%Mozambique (4)
Neutral Zone flag <1.0%Neutral Zone (4)
Nicaragua flag <1.0%Nicaragua (4)
Paraguay flag <1.0%Paraguay (4)
Yemen flag <1.0%Yemen (4)
Botswana flag <1.0%Botswana (3)
Kyrgyzstan flag <1.0%Kyrgyzstan (3)
Mali flag <1.0%Mali (3)
Monaco flag <1.0%Monaco (3)
Niue flag <1.0%Niue (3)
Panama flag <1.0%Panama (3)
Zambia flag <1.0%Zambia (3)
Central African Republic flag <1.0%Central African Republic (2)
Congo, Republic of flag <1.0%Congo, Republic of (2)
Honduras flag <1.0%Honduras (2)
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya flag <1.0%Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (2)
Montserrat flag <1.0%Montserrat (2)
Oman flag <1.0%Oman (2)
Serbia and Montenegro flag <1.0%Serbia and Montenegro (2)
Sri Lanka flag <1.0%Sri Lanka (2)
Tanzania flag <1.0%Tanzania (2)
Tokelau flag <1.0%Tokelau (2)
Trinidad and Tobago flag <1.0%Trinidad and Tobago (2)
American Samoa flag <1.0%American Samoa (1)
Andorra flag <1.0%Andorra (1)
Antigua and Barbuda flag <1.0%Antigua and Barbuda (1)
Bahrain flag <1.0%Bahrain (1)
Benin flag <1.0%Benin (1)
Bhutan flag <1.0%Bhutan (1)
Bouvet Island flag <1.0%Bouvet Island (1)
Brunei Darussalam flag <1.0%Brunei Darussalam (1)
Burundi flag <1.0%Burundi (1)
Cameroon flag <1.0%Cameroon (1)
Cap Verde flag <1.0%Cap Verde (1)
Christmas Island flag <1.0%Christmas Island (1)
Congo, Democratic Republic of the flag <1.0%Congo, Democratic Republic of the (1)
Cuba flag <1.0%Cuba (1)
East Timor flag <1.0%East Timor (1)
Greenland flag <1.0%Greenland (1)
Guadeloupe flag <1.0%Guadeloupe (1)
Guatemala flag <1.0%Guatemala (1)
Guinea flag <1.0%Guinea (1)
Guyana flag <1.0%Guyana (1)
Haiti flag <1.0%Haiti (1)
Lesotho flag <1.0%Lesotho (1)
Maldives flag <1.0%Maldives (1)
Mongolia flag <1.0%Mongolia (1)
Peru flag <1.0%Peru (1)
Reunion Island flag <1.0%Reunion Island (1)
Sao Tome and Principe flag <1.0%Sao Tome and Principe (1)
Solomon Islands flag <1.0%Solomon Islands (1)
Uganda flag <1.0%Uganda (1)

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The site moved and updated...

The alpek.net moved to new server and it's got new design.
Unfortunately the pictures (degus and the others) will be not uploaded because the new storage capacity is lesser than the previous.
This sites primary task is to promote softwares which was developed by me.
You can download these applications from the downloads menu:

  • Barcode maker program
  • Tarot Programs
  • Anaglyph Stereo Capture Calculator (ASCC)