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Unknown flag 27.8%Unknown (40303)
Hungary flag 27.2%Hungary (39462)
United States flag 17.0%United States (24563)
Ukraine flag 4.9%Ukraine (7125)
Romania flag 3.8%Romania (5532)
Israel flag 3.5%Israel (5093)
Russian Federation flag 3.0%Russian Federation (4393)
Germany flag 1.5%Germany (2150)
France flag 1.2%France (1796)
Poland flag 1.0%Poland (1452)
United Kingdom flag <1.0%United Kingdom (1215)
Brazil flag <1.0%Brazil (1179)
China flag <1.0%China (990)
Netherlands flag <1.0%Netherlands (853)
Seychelles flag <1.0%Seychelles (750)
Sweden flag <1.0%Sweden (689)
Indonesia flag <1.0%Indonesia (600)
Italy flag <1.0%Italy (496)
Slovak Republic flag <1.0%Slovak Republic (460)
Japan flag <1.0%Japan (386)
Turkey flag <1.0%Turkey (366)
Latvia flag <1.0%Latvia (289)
Serbia flag <1.0%Serbia (279)
Spain flag <1.0%Spain (262)
Czech Republic flag <1.0%Czech Republic (221)
Ireland flag <1.0%Ireland (205)
Lithuania flag <1.0%Lithuania (137)
Belarus (Byelorussia) flag <1.0%Belarus (Byelorussia) (132)
India flag <1.0%India (121)
Austria flag <1.0%Austria (120)
Switzerland flag <1.0%Switzerland (118)
Thailand flag <1.0%Thailand (116)
Portugal flag <1.0%Portugal (112)
Moldova, Republic of flag <1.0%Moldova, Republic of (109)
Greece flag <1.0%Greece (102)
Australia flag <1.0%Australia (94)
Denmark flag <1.0%Denmark (93)
Luxembourg flag <1.0%Luxembourg (91)
Taiwan flag <1.0%Taiwan (88)
Bulgaria flag <1.0%Bulgaria (86)
Finland flag <1.0%Finland (74)
Saudi Arabia flag <1.0%Saudi Arabia (74)
Vietnam flag <1.0%Vietnam (71)
Belgium flag <1.0%Belgium (70)
Macedonia, Former Yugoslav Republic flag <1.0%Macedonia, Former Yugoslav Republic (70)
Former Soviet Union flag <1.0%Former Soviet Union (68)
South Africa flag <1.0%South Africa (68)
Norway flag <1.0%Norway (67)
Philippines flag <1.0%Philippines (67)
Canada flag <1.0%Canada (66)
Mexico flag <1.0%Mexico (66)
Malaysia flag <1.0%Malaysia (65)
Argentina flag <1.0%Argentina (64)
Slovenia flag <1.0%Slovenia (62)
Singapore flag <1.0%Singapore (61)
Egypt flag <1.0%Egypt (58)
Estonia flag <1.0%Estonia (56)
United Arab Emirates flag <1.0%United Arab Emirates (53)
Croatia/Hrvatska flag <1.0%Croatia/Hrvatska (48)
Iran, Islamic Republic of flag <1.0%Iran, Islamic Republic of (48)
British Indian Ocean Territory flag <1.0%British Indian Ocean Territory (45)
Kazakhstan flag <1.0%Kazakhstan (45)
Colombia flag <1.0%Colombia (42)
Ecuador flag <1.0%Ecuador (36)
Morocco flag <1.0%Morocco (34)
Pakistan flag <1.0%Pakistan (34)
Cyprus flag <1.0%Cyprus (33)
Algeria flag <1.0%Algeria (32)
Hong Kong flag <1.0%Hong Kong (32)
Iceland flag <1.0%Iceland (27)
Montenegro flag <1.0%Montenegro (27)
Albania flag <1.0%Albania (26)
Tunisia flag <1.0%Tunisia (26)
Georgia flag <1.0%Georgia (23)
Lebanon flag <1.0%Lebanon (20)
Nepal flag <1.0%Nepal (19)
Chile flag <1.0%Chile (16)
Madagascar flag <1.0%Madagascar (16)
Tuvalu flag <1.0%Tuvalu (15)
Western Samoa flag <1.0%Western Samoa (14)
Iraq flag <1.0%Iraq (13)
Kuwait flag <1.0%Kuwait (13)
Bangladesh flag <1.0%Bangladesh (12)
Cambodia flag <1.0%Cambodia (12)
Kenya flag <1.0%Kenya (12)
New Zealand flag <1.0%New Zealand (11)
Zimbabwe flag <1.0%Zimbabwe (11)
European Union flag <1.0%European Union (10)
Ghana flag <1.0%Ghana (10)
Korea, Republic of flag <1.0%Korea, Republic of (10)
Palau flag <1.0%Palau (10)
Uruguay flag <1.0%Uruguay (10)
Belize flag <1.0%Belize (9)
Cocos Islands (Keeling) flag <1.0%Cocos Islands (Keeling) (9)
Nigeria flag <1.0%Nigeria (9)
Senegal flag <1.0%Senegal (9)
Armenia flag <1.0%Armenia (8)
Azerbaijan flag <1.0%Azerbaijan (8)
Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) flag <1.0%Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) (8)
Jordan flag <1.0%Jordan (8)
Palestinian Territories flag <1.0%Palestinian Territories (8)
Qatar flag <1.0%Qatar (8)
Syrian Arab Republic flag <1.0%Syrian Arab Republic (8)
Gibraltar flag <1.0%Gibraltar (7)
Bosnia Hercegovina flag <1.0%Bosnia Hercegovina (6)
Malta flag <1.0%Malta (6)
Tonga flag <1.0%Tonga (6)
Bolivia flag <1.0%Bolivia (5)
Liechtenstein flag <1.0%Liechtenstein (5)
Uzbekistan flag <1.0%Uzbekistan (5)
Angola flag <1.0%Angola (4)
Costa Rica flag <1.0%Costa Rica (4)
Dominican Republic flag <1.0%Dominican Republic (4)
Mauritius flag <1.0%Mauritius (4)
Mozambique flag <1.0%Mozambique (4)
Neutral Zone flag <1.0%Neutral Zone (4)
Nicaragua flag <1.0%Nicaragua (4)
Paraguay flag <1.0%Paraguay (4)
Yemen flag <1.0%Yemen (4)
Botswana flag <1.0%Botswana (3)
Kyrgyzstan flag <1.0%Kyrgyzstan (3)
Mali flag <1.0%Mali (3)
Niue flag <1.0%Niue (3)
Panama flag <1.0%Panama (3)
Zambia flag <1.0%Zambia (3)
Central African Republic flag <1.0%Central African Republic (2)
Congo, Republic of flag <1.0%Congo, Republic of (2)
Honduras flag <1.0%Honduras (2)
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya flag <1.0%Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (2)
Montserrat flag <1.0%Montserrat (2)
Oman flag <1.0%Oman (2)
Serbia and Montenegro flag <1.0%Serbia and Montenegro (2)
Tanzania flag <1.0%Tanzania (2)
Tokelau flag <1.0%Tokelau (2)
Trinidad and Tobago flag <1.0%Trinidad and Tobago (2)
American Samoa flag <1.0%American Samoa (1)
Antigua and Barbuda flag <1.0%Antigua and Barbuda (1)
Bahrain flag <1.0%Bahrain (1)
Bhutan flag <1.0%Bhutan (1)
Bouvet Island flag <1.0%Bouvet Island (1)
Brunei Darussalam flag <1.0%Brunei Darussalam (1)
Burundi flag <1.0%Burundi (1)
Cameroon flag <1.0%Cameroon (1)
Cap Verde flag <1.0%Cap Verde (1)
Christmas Island flag <1.0%Christmas Island (1)
Congo, Democratic Republic of the flag <1.0%Congo, Democratic Republic of the (1)
Cuba flag <1.0%Cuba (1)
East Timor flag <1.0%East Timor (1)
Greenland flag <1.0%Greenland (1)
Guadeloupe flag <1.0%Guadeloupe (1)
Guatemala flag <1.0%Guatemala (1)
Guinea flag <1.0%Guinea (1)
Guyana flag <1.0%Guyana (1)
Haiti flag <1.0%Haiti (1)
Lesotho flag <1.0%Lesotho (1)
Maldives flag <1.0%Maldives (1)
Mongolia flag <1.0%Mongolia (1)
Peru flag <1.0%Peru (1)
Reunion Island flag <1.0%Reunion Island (1)
Sao Tome and Principe flag <1.0%Sao Tome and Principe (1)
Solomon Islands flag <1.0%Solomon Islands (1)
Sri Lanka flag <1.0%Sri Lanka (1)
Uganda flag <1.0%Uganda (1)

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