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Luxembourg flag <1.0%Luxembourg (81)
Taiwan flag <1.0%Taiwan (76)
Saudi Arabia flag <1.0%Saudi Arabia (72)
Macedonia, Former Yugoslav Republic flag <1.0%Macedonia, Former Yugoslav Republic (69)
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Finland flag <1.0%Finland (66)
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Estonia flag <1.0%Estonia (47)
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Morocco flag <1.0%Morocco (27)
Iceland flag <1.0%Iceland (25)
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Montenegro flag <1.0%Montenegro (23)
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Albania flag <1.0%Albania (22)
Lebanon flag <1.0%Lebanon (20)
Georgia flag <1.0%Georgia (19)
Madagascar flag <1.0%Madagascar (16)
Nepal flag <1.0%Nepal (15)
Western Samoa flag <1.0%Western Samoa (14)
Chile flag <1.0%Chile (13)
Iraq flag <1.0%Iraq (13)
Bangladesh flag <1.0%Bangladesh (11)
Kuwait flag <1.0%Kuwait (11)
European Union flag <1.0%European Union (10)
Ghana flag <1.0%Ghana (10)
Kenya flag <1.0%Kenya (10)
Palau flag <1.0%Palau (10)
Uruguay flag <1.0%Uruguay (10)
Zimbabwe flag <1.0%Zimbabwe (10)
Senegal flag <1.0%Senegal (9)
Azerbaijan flag <1.0%Azerbaijan (8)
Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) flag <1.0%Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) (8)
Korea, Republic of flag <1.0%Korea, Republic of (8)
New Zealand flag <1.0%New Zealand (8)
Qatar flag <1.0%Qatar (8)
Syrian Arab Republic flag <1.0%Syrian Arab Republic (8)
Cambodia flag <1.0%Cambodia (7)
Gibraltar flag <1.0%Gibraltar (7)
Jordan flag <1.0%Jordan (7)
Nigeria flag <1.0%Nigeria (7)
Palestinian Territories flag <1.0%Palestinian Territories (7)
Tuvalu flag <1.0%Tuvalu (7)
Bosnia Hercegovina flag <1.0%Bosnia Hercegovina (6)
Cocos Islands (Keeling) flag <1.0%Cocos Islands (Keeling) (6)
Malta flag <1.0%Malta (6)
Armenia flag <1.0%Armenia (5)
Bolivia flag <1.0%Bolivia (5)
Uzbekistan flag <1.0%Uzbekistan (5)
Angola flag <1.0%Angola (4)
Dominican Republic flag <1.0%Dominican Republic (4)
Liechtenstein flag <1.0%Liechtenstein (4)
Mozambique flag <1.0%Mozambique (4)
Neutral Zone flag <1.0%Neutral Zone (4)
Nicaragua flag <1.0%Nicaragua (4)
Paraguay flag <1.0%Paraguay (4)
Yemen flag <1.0%Yemen (4)
Costa Rica flag <1.0%Costa Rica (3)
Mauritius flag <1.0%Mauritius (3)
Niue flag <1.0%Niue (3)
Panama flag <1.0%Panama (3)
Tonga flag <1.0%Tonga (3)
Zambia flag <1.0%Zambia (3)
Botswana flag <1.0%Botswana (2)
Kyrgyzstan flag <1.0%Kyrgyzstan (2)
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya flag <1.0%Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (2)
Montserrat flag <1.0%Montserrat (2)
Oman flag <1.0%Oman (2)
Serbia and Montenegro flag <1.0%Serbia and Montenegro (2)
Tanzania flag <1.0%Tanzania (2)
Tokelau flag <1.0%Tokelau (2)
Trinidad and Tobago flag <1.0%Trinidad and Tobago (2)
American Samoa flag <1.0%American Samoa (1)
Antigua and Barbuda flag <1.0%Antigua and Barbuda (1)
Bahrain flag <1.0%Bahrain (1)
Bhutan flag <1.0%Bhutan (1)
Brunei Darussalam flag <1.0%Brunei Darussalam (1)
Cameroon flag <1.0%Cameroon (1)
Cap Verde flag <1.0%Cap Verde (1)
Congo, Republic of flag <1.0%Congo, Republic of (1)
Cuba flag <1.0%Cuba (1)
East Timor flag <1.0%East Timor (1)
Greenland flag <1.0%Greenland (1)
Guadeloupe flag <1.0%Guadeloupe (1)
Guatemala flag <1.0%Guatemala (1)
Guinea flag <1.0%Guinea (1)
Guyana flag <1.0%Guyana (1)
Honduras flag <1.0%Honduras (1)
Lesotho flag <1.0%Lesotho (1)
Maldives flag <1.0%Maldives (1)
Mali flag <1.0%Mali (1)
Mongolia flag <1.0%Mongolia (1)
Reunion Island flag <1.0%Reunion Island (1)
Sao Tome and Principe flag <1.0%Sao Tome and Principe (1)
Solomon Islands flag <1.0%Solomon Islands (1)
Sri Lanka flag <1.0%Sri Lanka (1)
Uganda flag <1.0%Uganda (1)

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Kategória: 3D Photo Tools
Oldal: 1 a (az) 1
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Side by Side to 3DTV Verzió:1.0

With this little program you can convert your parallel or cross-eye stereo image pairs for your 3DTV. The final format will be the Half Width Real3D format. The program conserves the exif datas of your stereo images.
You must select the input folder and the type of your images, parallel or cross-eye.
You must select the output folder too. If the input folder is the same like the output folder, you must select the append to "_Real3D" to the file names.
You can convert all files or only the selected files. The selection is possible with left mouse button and hold the Ctrl key.
Under the preview window you can see the exif datas of the selected image. ( Of course if it exists. )
For the moment the input files are: JPG, TIF, BMP, PNG. With MPO dont works yet.
You can save the images in the original resolution or you can reduce them to 1920x1080.
This is a full version demo program what will watermark your final images.
If you pay 5 USD via PayPal to the programmer, he will send you,into 24 hours, the version without watermarks.
WARNING! Some 3D TV dont offer the 3D mode using the own Media Player via USB! (Samsung 7000 series)
In this case you must use a DVD/BluRay player or an External Media Player Box via HDMI.( from CD/DVD or from a Pendrive/HDD )

Thanks for your attention!

For Side by Side to 3DTV you need install .net 2.0 framework from here:



· Watermark on the output

Unzip and run.

Buy it now

Get from Softpedia

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157.52 KB
Anaglyph Stereo Capture Calculator (ASCC) Verzió:1.0

Anaglyph Stereo Capture Calculator is a straight-forward application that will help you calculate the OnFilmDeviation and focal length required for anaglyph capture.

For Anaglyph Stereo Capture Calculator (ASCC) you need install .net 2.0 framework from here:


Get from SoftpediaAnaglyph Stereo Capture Calculator video tutorial at softoxi.comGet from Famouswhy


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